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Subject: RE: UKNM: UKNM do (was Incorrect Use of Client Reference Sites)
From: Sam Michel
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 10:05:16 +0100

At 09:28 01/04/98 +0100, Robin Edwards wrote:
>non-linked list of past clients. Naming names is definitely a subject for
>conversation at a future UKNM get together!

Talking of which, I hope you haven't forgotten that one has been arranged
for next Thu, which by handy coincidence...ehem...I mean planning falls on
the day before Good Friday (bank hols...yippee). The details are as follows:

DATE: Thu 9th April
VENUE: Jamie's, 74 Charlotte St. - Basement bar
TIME: 7pm onwards...

Sponsor tba (hopefully). I'm looking forward to putting faces to some of
those vociferous names on the list. I hope everyone can come along,
especially those out of town.

Toodle Pip

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  RE: UKNM: Incorrect Use of Client Refere, Robin Edwards

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