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Subject: UKNM: Invite: Tomorrow Night
From: Sam Michel
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 14:26:30 +0100

Don't forget, tomorrow night, <hyperbole on> the UK's premier new media
marketing gathering <hyperbole off> at:

The details:

DATE: Thu 9th April
VENUE: Jamie's, 74 Charlotte St. - Basement bar
TIME: 7pm onwards...(bar's open 'til midnight)

To get the evening swinging, Real Media <http://www.realmedia.com> are
generously donating a few beverages. Again, if you can let me know if
you're able to make it (to get an idea of numbers and retain my sanity),
please drop an email to...

uknm-doatchinwag [dot] com <- no actual words necessary.

Look forward to seeing everyone there, it should be a good way to start the
bank holiday weekend.

Toodle Pip

Webmedia Group, 21 Noel St, London, W1V 3RD
T: 0171 494 0812 F: 0171 434 1304 E: samatwebmedia [dot] com
ICQ Pager: 4561042
Webmedia: http://www.webmedia.com
ShockeR: http://www.shocker.com

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