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Subject: RE: UKNM: RE: marketing spam
From: Jane Marshall
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 18:30:31 +0100

Hi all

>As yet none seems to have discussed the merits of 'opt in groups'. This
>is where individuals subscribe to recieve information from a given
>This has a range of benefits regarding the targetting of mail and the
>ability to unsubsribe. (Can you imagine what the response rates could
>However what interests me is its implication for regulating spamming in
>the future. If people subscribe to a category which is controlled by a
>recognised agency, the spammers would then rent the names from the
>This would put all the responsibility onto the agency, in order for the
>agency to build a reputation it would have to handle the names and spamming
>issues with integrity.
>Has this topic been covered yet?

I thought the list would be interested in the opt-in email model we have
developed here at WebPromote (Internet marketing company operating in the
States since '95, now in the UK) where this is offered as one of our on-line
promotion services.

Data is collected from our web site - visitors tell us what they are
interested in hearing about (everything from Business and Computer related categories
through to comsumer stuff like sport and weddings) and leave us their
email address. So we have full permission to email them with information
about web sites/products/services they have said they are interested in.

The emails we send out always include the full http address of our
client's web site to make it easy for the reader to click-through straight through
to more information/point of sale/download etc.

The important things from the perspective of those leaving their email
address are:

a) They are receiving information that is genuinely useful to them
b) They can easily unsubscribe from the list at any time
c) The list is not sold to third parties. All distribution is done by us (or a
partner organisation) so there is control over what is sent to our subscribers.

>From our clients' perspective this service is attractive because:

a) They are sending information to people that have actively requested it
b) They can target those people that have a genuine interest in their services,

This makes the service very effective. Click-through rates of 6-10% are common,
for all the reasons above.

Our policy is never to send any unsolicited email - it doesn't work for
us or our clients - and we certainly wouldn't knowingly sell data on to known

It's an interesting and effective way of getting around a lot of the
problems with this kind of marketing on the Internet. I won't go in to more detail
here, but if anybody has any questions about this you can get hold of me at
janeatwebpromote [dot] co [dot] uk.

Jane Marshall
WebPromote UK

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