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Subject: UKNM: HELP needed! Please...
From: Sami Sinerv
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 16:15:45 +0100

Hi again!

First I wanna thank all of you who replied to my question
about sending variables to an external file. Second:
I have problems with it! I have a nice deadline closing in
on me (monday) and I need to get this working. The
following is the problem:

To test getNetPage I just use the following line in my

set netID = getNetText "http://www.helloworld.se/set-score.hmx"

What happens is that I get the following error message:

Script error: Variable used before assigned a value

set netID = getNetText "http://www.helloworld.se/set-score.hmx"?

I have even tried it with adding in the net extras but it still
doesn't want to work. Is there something I am missing
here or what is the problem? Should I globalize any value?

Thanx in advance!

Sami, Hello World AB

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