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Subject: No Subject
From: Chinwag
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 16:18:34 +0100

28 Apr 1999 15:19:13 +0100
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Subject: Re: UKNM: plug-in take up/stats
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At 13:29 27/04/99 +0100, Stefan wrote:
>Can anyone name a large site that still uses frames?

I know this thread should be dead by now, but I was busy yesterday!

We run http://www.crisisweb.org , which may not be big in marketing terms (it influences international policy makers rather than buyers of soap powder or baked beans), but it does serve around 1 million pages a month at the moment with -- SHOCK HORROR -- up to 5 frames on screen at any one time (though only 3 are obvious to the user). We have prominent placement in Yahoo and a number of other search engines (top ten engines bring us over 1,000 searches a week) and haven't found frames to be much of a problem.

The site does, of course, work perfectly well without frames, and some people use it in this way; but the vast majority *seem* to prefer the frames-based navigation. Also, out of interest, documents which need their framset have the intelligence (using Javascript) to load themselves in a frameset if they are accessed direct (e.g. from some search engines).

I accept what Stefan and Ray are saying about the limitations of frames, but take a less fundamentalist view.

Despite the probability of being shot down, I have raised this because I believe the debate is an important one and I'm never too old to learn.

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