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Subject: Re: UKNM: Frames and Search Engines
From: Jo Chipchase
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 15:52:28 +0100

Yes, but Yahoo has *humans* (for want of a better word!) checking and
registering the sites. It is a human who chose one of my submitted sites
over the others, and refused to reply to my e-mail. No-one was trying to
spam anyone with anything.

It is also a human who failed to respond to my request for further
information about banner advertising rates (are they mad? Can't I give my
client's money away?).

I personally think they're slapdash...

>Ally Shuttleworth wrote:
>> No-one ever knows the 'exact' criteria really. Search engines are quite
>> secretive about their algorythms, they sometimes say they rank one
>> way...then do it completely the opposite. It's basically to stop people
>> from being able to spam them, even worse than they do already.
>Jo Chipchase replied:
>> I certainly do not know by which criteria Yahoo! ranks sites. The entire
>> process appears to be hit-and-miss. I submitted three sites to Yahoo! (UK)
>> on the same day. They subsequently registered one of the sites (not the
>> best / most valuable of the three, I hasten to add) and not the others.
>> E-mail enquiries about their procedures failed to elicit any response...
>Jo, from a marketing perspective, I think it's a bad idea to think
>of Yahoo as a search engine. Marketeers should distinguish between
>computer-managed search engines and human-managed directories.
>It's easy to get your site included in Alta Vista, Hotbot, Google,
>Lycos and all the other search engines which are managed by
>simple algorithms. The indexing and searching processes are designed
>to be consistent and predictable.
>Yahoo, along with other directories such as Looksmart and the Open
>Directory, does not use such algorithms. Yahoo is edited by humans.
>Humans are not always consistent or predictable.
>I think of it this way: If you send out press releases, you might
>have a rough idea of which publications will be interested and how
>much publicity each will generate. You'll get a few surprises,
>though. Yahoo editors, like newspaper editors, have huge amounts of
>material to sift through whilst attempting to provide a useful,
>usable resource.
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  Re: UKNM: Frames and Search Engines, Tom Hukins

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