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Subject: Re: UKNM: Banners? Wot banners?
From: Ray Taylor
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 15:57:46 +0100

Sajid Mohammed <g23atrocketmail [dot] com> wrote:

>..In the
>UK there is certainly a hardcore section of the ABC1 audience who will
>avoid print/TV advertising like the plague - the last research I saw
>indicated it was something like 25%! This is a headache for planners,
>needless to say.


No there isn't. There may be a group of ABC1s who _say_ they will avoid
print/TV advertising but that is a long way from actually avoiding it. A lot
of ABC1s are afraid to admit that they watch Coronation Street, like to read
the Sun (when the pick someone else's up on the train) and in many cases
actually enjoy TV ads - at least the ones that are done well. And even
anoying ads with teeth-grating ditties have influence on people who will
tell you they are above all that if you ask them.

Understand the difference between market research and opinion research.

Only a small fraction of the online population will bother to dowload
plug-ins to block ads. They will for the most part be at the nerdy end of
the online population spectrum so who cares what they think/do? If they are
your target audience advertising to them is easy. Just offer a free gizmo to
download and run it by a few newsgroups and email discussion lists.

And if even 10% of your target audience block ads that's 90% left that are
more valuable targets in my books, on the grounds that if they don't block
the ads, they must be more receptive to them.

But I must agree with Rick, applauding the introduction of ad-blocking tools
is like biting the hand that feeds you, and just plain juvenile.

And one last point. There is no difference between advertising and
sponsorship. It is the same thing. There is a difference between being
creative and not being creative.

Creativity is not about swapping one formula for another.

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