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Subject: RE: UKNM:e-business was Dot Com Fever
From: Gary Pharo
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 15:23:37 +0100

--- Ray Taylor <rayateyeconomy [dot] com> wrote:
> <Speechradataol [dot] com> said:
> >>Let's get this point absolutely straight. All
> business will be e-business
> >>in a matter of years.
> > Pubs, hairdressers, grasscutters, cinemas,
> restaurants, milkmen,
> gardeners,
> > butchers, bakers, candlestick makers, they're all
> going to be e-businesses
> > are they?

I think the point here is what does Ray mean by e-business.....I'm sure he
will enlighten us

My thoughts are that e-business is enabling your business to operate more
efficiently by utilising electronic means. If that is the case, then
certainly all businesses will be e-businesses...

I'm not going to use the hairdresser scenario for fear of abuse of my
receding hairline so lets use another example - the dentist.....sure you and
the dentist need to be in the same room to have your teeth worked on, but we
are not that far away from all having a palm sized device that combines our
pc's and mobile phone. This will have a calendar function on it, into which
your dentist, (doctor..and even hairdresser) will be able to insert
appointment times and reminders. Is this not e-business?

As for those of you that believe that we will never get away from shopping
in the high street, you may well find yourself wandering through a shopping
complex on a Saturday morning in 10 years time, but I certainly don't expect
you to be carrying away an armful of bags. You'll just zap a barcode with
your palm device - this will in turn synchronize with your fridge, wardrobe,
dvd cabinet etc. and provide you with a full list of items you want/need -
select the best value merchants to provide them and fire off a simultaneous
order that will debit your bank account/credit card. The goods will then be
delivered direct to your door, at a time that your palm device will show
you're at home waiting (in abject fear) for the dentist to turn up!

Think I'm mad........join my parents, who couldn't understand why I wanted
to sell fax machines in the mid 80's, mobile phones in the late 80's or web
sites in the mid 90's.....you could email them if you want, or call them on
their mobile - or even send them an email via their mobile :)

That having been said, I draw the line at pubs....although the thought of
the barmaid at my local bringing round a pint at 10.30 whilst the missus is
away does have it's attractions mmmmmmm

Gary Pharo
Sales Manager
Commtouch (UK), Ltd.
Email is our business

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