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Subject: UKNM: tedbaker.co.uk - an apology
From: Paul Gill
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 13:37:48 +0100


Just a quick apology re: my earlier comment on tedbaker.co.uk.

It seems that there was smthg slightly faulty with my modem connection at
home whilst looking at the tedbaker.co.uk site - it basically stopped
loading the movie about 20% through download. I have since looked at the
site whilst at work and I did get to see the Flash version of the site. As
Flash goes, it's not too bad but it's still too slow and awkward for my
personal tastes.

It would be interesting to have figures at hand to compare sales figures on
'Flash' vs 'HTML' (I'm aware that an absolute distinction can't always be
made) executed commerce sites. I'm thinking of conversion rate of browser
to buyer, repeat purchases, average amount spent per user, total number of
sales, number of clicks past the homepage. I can guess what the figures
might show, but I'd like to see the numbers before making assumptions. I
don't suppose anyone could help? Is it worth Fletcher or Forrester working
on it? 'Enabling commerce on broadband networks' or smthg similar (as this
is one place that Flash might really prove itself in the next 18mths).


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