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Subject: Re: UKNM: Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act
From: Mike Butcher
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 16:09:47 +0100

>Anyone got any comments (our learned friends perhaps?) on the Childrens
>Online Privacy Protection Act? I got an email from Excite saying something
>about changing their email system to comply with it. The law is being
>instituted by the Federal Trade Commission in the US.

It's a very hot topic Stateside and has enormous implications for online
advertising there. Privacy generally is so contentious that the Fast Foward
(http://www.fastinfo.org) initiative on net advertising was floating the
idea last year that all banner ads run on US sites might have to carry a
'P' for Privacy logo to indicate the advertiser complied with privacy and
other regulations. Moves like these coud well affect UK companies wishing
to run banners on US sites in terms of creative and complying with data
regulations. The COPP Act must also affect US operations over here given
SEC regs etc.

see also:

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  UKNM: Childrens Online Privacy Protectio, Sam Michel

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