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Subject: RE: UKNM: Boo's special offer
From: Jo Chipchase
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 16:53:05 +0100

Stewart Dean wrote:
> > <whinge>I reckon shopping for clothes on the Net is a
> > complete pain if you
> > live in the UK. During a recent attempt to kit out my Summer
> > wardrobe, I
> > couldn't find a Gas denim jacket, a Levi denim jacket, nor a
> > Diesel hooded
> > top in any colour except cream (Diesel's UK range is very limited). I
> > tried buying Oakley sunglasses online: you can only purchase
> > them if you
> > live within Alaska, Hawaii or the States. Well... that's not
> > much use to
> > me.</whinge>
> >
> > In contrast, I found a nice parlour palm for my flat within
> > minutes... :)
>Sounds a bit like Chiswick in West London - you can buy plants, food and a
>mobile phones from one of the many mobile phone shops (and I mean many) but
>can you buy jeans and boxer shorts? Nope.

Funnily enough, the parlour palm is from Kew - just down the road from

I used to work in Chiswick... I thought the area was a bit dull.

>It appears product lines in most online stores are secondary to the
intent -
>and it's not just the UK that does this.
>In New York there are two competing services Kozmo and Urban Fetch that
>offer delivery of videos and that kind of thing. Kozmo has a food section
>and, feeling lazy on Sunday, was prepared to give it a go. Logged in, put
>my zip code (after finding it on the post office site) and found that
>breakfast to Kozmo consisted of Crispie Creame doughnuts. Much as I like
>these far superior to dunkin 'baked goods' they're far from breakfast.

I used an online pizza ordering service a while ago... and my pizza never
arrived. The reason? Despite it's fancy software, provided on CD-ROM, The
company printed out orders made via the Net and faxed them to the chefs. On
this occasion, the fax machine was broken. Durrr !

>Retailers (except for in Chiswick it appears) usually understand the need
>have things people want to buy - someone should tell the online upstarts.
>The Internet is a bit like prison - you can get anything you want providing
>you know who can get it.

It would be good to order fried chicken and burgers on the Net. Food for

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  RE: UKNM: Boo's special offer, Stewart Dean

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