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Subject: Re: UKNM: Archbishop of Canterbury talking out of his arse dot com
From: Neil.McIntosh
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 16:53:07 +0100

But a more general point could be drawn from the good Archbishop's comments.

Perhaps you don't dream of big IPOs and subsequent riches/fast
interviews, but it seems a large portion of the dot.com industry is blinded
that vision.

Hence a lot of half baked ideas with no discernible means of making money,
beyond all proportion. All they're supported by is a frenzy of activity by
net.slaves who sacrifice all - "all" being a life, their health, families,
partners, friends - in a bid to Get Rich Quick.

Many enjoy it, but many endure it only because they think there's a pot of
at the end of the slick of shit.

I'm all for "judgemental old fucks" coming along and questioning this
industry -
there's a lot to be questioned, especially in moral terms (let's start with
exploitation and greed, for two). Is there a chance that there's more to
than the net?

Whether, of course, the Archbishop could any more show me the things of the
spirit than he could a half decent online clothes retailer is another
altogether. Come to think of it - perhaps the latter is just a silly, old
fashioned superstition.

Neil Mc

>Was anybody else extremely pissed off at the Easter speech from the
>Archbishop of Canterbury that basically said that we're all a bunch of
>good-for-nothing materialistic greedy bastards?

>Money, power, success and fame, said Dr Carey, were only "transitory,
>things" associated with our "dot.com society" when compared to "ultimate
>things of the Spirit".

>Now I don't know about you lot, but I work at least 70 hours a week and get
>paid less than most of my mates, as do the other people running Netsite. We
>plough all of our spare energy, time and money into building the company
>into something special and unique, and so it's a bit disappointing when
>judgemental old fuck comes along and slags you off for it.

>Especially since he only works Sunday mornings and probably gets paid loads

>Him and his ilk are the reason that the only Spirit I have is a wee dram of
>Bushmills to try to make those sleepless nights a bit easier to cope with.

>Anyway, anyone know any good designers who want to work in Kent?

Neil McIntosh
Deputy editor, Online
The Guardian, London
t: 020 7239 9925

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