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Subject: RE: UKNM: Archbishop of Canterbury talking out of his arse dot com
From: Chris Meachin
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 18:26:55 +0100

>I noticed the good old archbishop didn't have the same
>vehement attitude to the traditional multinational
>companies happily poisioning the planet, selling arms,
>hampering free trade in underdeveloped nations and
>generally fucking up the world in pursuit of the
>buck.... now that's what i call greed.

Hmmm. That's not really news is it? No. That's been happening for a while
now and that ground has been covered by the church and others a million
times over. I think his point may have been that the dotcoms *can* be just
as bad as traditional businesses. Just because the industry portrays itself
as a caring, trainer wearing bunch of hippies doesn't mean that it can't
consist of ruthless and selfish people. Which is a valid point.

>One group of people earns its living by offering
>others goods and services in voluntary exchange for

Voluntary exchange for money? What? So your customers have the option not to
pay, should they wish? I see your point: That's far more charitable than the

>Another group earns its living by demanding
>that productive people make "donations" to them and
>promises an eternity of torture for those that don't.

Show me where and when 'they' said that. Besides which, this church-bashing
is slightly off the point, surely.

>Then the second group claims moral superiority not
>only to organised crime and to terrorists - whose
>punishments at least stop when you die - but to the
>productive people in the first group. I suppose it is
>the Goebbels philosophy of the big lie.

I 'm not a big fan of the church either, but I think it's ugly to see
anybody ranting negatively on a subject they clearly aren't familiar with.
Can we stick to the point please (I'm not actually sure what that was
....but anyway)?

Are we getting a bit precious and isolationist in protecting our new media
baby, again? It's business, plain and simple, man. The church are never
gonna like it. If that bothers you, don't go to church. Your beautiful
dotcom enterprise aint gonna suffer because of what the bishop says. Get
over it.

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