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Subject: Re: UKNM: Help!
From: Matteo Berlucchi
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 1998 09:37:25 +0100

Ian Cushion wrote:
> Hello again.
> Thanks to everyone for your suggestions on the World's top web designers. I
> now have quite a comprehensive list for the US and UK, however I am still
> struggling to find any info on Europe and Asia.
> I have tried Europages but they only returned 3 companies, one of which didn't
> even have a URL!
> Does anyone know a good source of information on European and Asian Web
> Designers.
> Thanks again
> Ian

I believe Internet Magazine is putting together one right now for Europe

Alternatively, simply ask anybody on the list to send you a line as I am
sure that every design company in the UK is reading this!

For example, Hyperlink, where I work, has designed a number of sites
(Waterstone's, Debenhams, Somerfield, etc).



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  Re: UKNM: Help!, Ian Cushion

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