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Subject: Re: UKNM: New Media Age Chat
From: Robert Venes
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 1998 16:06:45 +0100

>> Simon Waldman, new Internet Editor at the Guardian, is doing a chat on the
>> New Media Age site today at 4. No chat client necessary, just link off from
>> the pacman/Adweb chats box on nma.co.uk. Should be a good one. Cheers.
>I'm not having a go in any way, but I've just rec'd this mail considerably
>later than the time the event started. I've noticed the delay in the past,
>and I doubt there's any way round it, but if your message is time-related,
>can you send it as far in advance as possible.

Sorry about that. I sent the message just after 3 with the intention of
providing a last minute prompt for interested parties, but see that that
went slightly awry when it arrived on the list (for me, anyway) at 4:30. I
think Sam Michel owes me a beer and a sloppy kiss. Well, a beer anyway.

>Hope it went well anyway.

It's in this week's NMA, so you can see for yourself. Unplugging now.

Be seeing you

Rob Venes
Website Editor

New Media Age www.nma.co.uk
Direct Line: 0171 970 4834
Mobile: 0966 153304

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