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Subject: UKNM: Is anybody out there using PICS ratings?
From: Bill Thompson
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 1998 13:01:15 +0100

[this is a request for help with an article]

Everybody knows about PICS ratings (RSACi/SurfWatch etc) but
nobody seems to be using them - how come? I know that news
sites don't like them, but surely the emergence of filtering proxy
servers that don't let unrated content through would put
pressure on all site developers to at least include a "mostly
harmless" rating for form's sake.

I'm writing an article for Interactive Media International (an
industry newsletter) about the lack of ratings and would be
grateful for any views (either off or on record). If people want
to reply direct to me I'll also post a copy of the finished
piece (or its URL) to the list (Sam permitting).

[Moderator's Note: Sounds very, very relevant to what we're all up to.]

Thanks lots
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