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Subject: Re: UKNM: Re: Portals?
From: Kevin Rice
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 17:55:46 +0100

At 12:03 20/08/98 +0100, Nick Gilbert (NewsNow) wrote:

>One can hypothesise 'til the cows come home about how long anyone stays on
>a portal site. The only answer to that question is to ask them. We used to
>have a counter on the homepage which would give us that information but
>since we've reverted to static pages, we don't get it any more. What it
>was telling us however was that our users spent an average of 40 minutes
>per day looking at the site, which as far as I'm concerned is about the
>same as the average person spends reading a magazine or newspaper. What's
>more the majority of our users return up to 5 days per week. Not bad for a
>"portal" site.

and then Phil Gyford wrote:

(a) I'm amazed many people would spend 40 minutes on any news site, let
alone it be an *average*. Did the counter just count how long the page was
in the browser? If so, then such a counter on Mr Showbiz would think I've
spent the entire morning reading their front page, as it's been sitting
there in the background for the past few hours.

During the world cup I used the NewsNow sports pages for updates. I would
log on to NewsNow each and every morning and log out when I went home in
the evening (usually about 10hrs later). Working a six day week, and with
the world cup being on for a whole month I reckon I must have clocked up
about 270hrs!, but I tell you what, I can't have been physically looking at
the page for more than about 20mins a day. In other words 270hrs of
connected time equates to (in my case) about 9hrs of actual eyeballing.

Stats for the amount of time users spend *looking* at a site are IMHO
somewhat dubious. Experienced net users (in fact anyone who has discovered
the New Window button!) will frequently connect to a number of useful web
sites and simply leave them running in the background. This kind of
behaviour doesn't really happen with magazine/newspaper readers
(well.....not unless you fall asleep on the train!)

Kevin Rice
Connexity Limited - Internet training solutions


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