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Subject: Re: UKNM: Re: Portals?
From: Mike Bracken
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 17:35:41 +0100

>>>Leaders in 1999 are likely to be Beeb, TescoNet, ft.com, Reed Business
>>>Information (high-price niche industy info products), gameszone, and a few
>>Like, you mean beeb.com? You sure?
>Nothing is sure, and I certainly don't suggest taking my opinion into
>account. Work it out for youself...
>Value is created by investment. BBC is investing in the product in a big way

Incorrect. The entire beeb.com site is under discussion. ICL are extremely
unhappy and the BBC and ICL has written off any likelihood of profits.

>(not necessarily efficiently) and making good use of established capital
>assets in the form of brand names and intellectual property rights.

Again, given that the BBC pulled its major brands out of beeb.com (ie, news
and sport) and don't carry trailers on its TV or radio programmes any more,
I would suggest the exact opposite.

>They are adding value to their TV and print offerings by way of original
>content as well are reuse and adaption of content.

Contentious point this. Yes, they are doing some added value stuff
(education particularly) but by repeating the programming model online they
are replicating the existing product. In many cases, repetition doesn't
increase value. It increases overheads though.

>They are one of the most
>visited sites in the UK and already have extensive routes to world markets.

Is that beeb.com or the various bbc sites. Despite the fuck up with machine
generated page impressions, some of the various bbc sites are doing well,
particularly news, as one would expect from sucha strong brand with massive
resources. But beeb.com - I'm not sure....

>I didn't say I liked their site, I didn't say it was "kewl", I have no
>opinion on such mundane matters as the niceness of Web sites. I said the BBC
>would be one of the few market leaders in the UK based on an evaluation and
>business analysis of their current actions.

Well, I thought you said beeb.

>I ought to charge for this opinion since it is the kind of opinion I would
>charge for if asked for it by a consultancy client.

Really. How much?

In that case I'm gonna buy a suit.


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