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Subject: Re: UKNM: Two requests for help
From: Alex Balfour
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 19:28:04 +0100

At 16:58 21/08/98 +0100, Ray Taylor wrote:
>If I may please beg the indulgence of list members and request some help
>in the following:
>1. Does anyone know much about UK scientists, technical/labs staff,
>medical or pharmaceutical researchers, and what they do Internet wise? I
>am presuming they make use of New Scientist Planet Science but are there
>any other services high on the list? What search engines are they most
>likely to use? Pointers to any research or anecdotal evidence gratefully

email a webmaster at any university (e.g. IC) nd ask for most popular sites
from the logs from science faculty machines. They should have all the info
to hand, and are would very likely give you what you want.

Alex Balfour
Politics producer & Search Engine/ Webguide writer, The Guardian:

Manager, CricInfo: http://www.cricket.org
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mobile 07050 155042 email:mysoreatdircon [dot] co [dot] uk


  UKNM: Two requests for help, Ray Taylor

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