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Subject: UKNM: Two requests for help
From: Ray Taylor
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 17:35:38 +0100

If I may please beg the indulgence of list members and request some help
in the following:

1. Does anyone know much about UK scientists, technical/labs staff,
medical or pharmaceutical researchers, and what they do Internet wise? I
am presuming they make use of New Scientist Planet Science but are there
any other services high on the list? What search engines are they most
likely to use? Pointers to any research or anecdotal evidence gratefully

2. Does anyone know any civilians (non Internet and related industries)
who make good use of the Internet for any (respectable) reason and
wouldn't mind being interviewed for online publication? Any
suggestions welcome, will provide more details to anyone interested in

Many thanks and have a good weekend one and all.

Ray Taylor

0181 639 0015

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