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Subject: Re: UKNM: Re: Portals?
From: Lard
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 19:28:06 +0100

>>>Leaders in 1999 are likely to be Beeb, TescoNet, ft.com, Reed Business
>>>Information (high-price niche industy info products), gameszone, and a few
>>Like, you mean beeb.com? You sure?
>Nothing is sure, and I certainly don't suggest taking my opinion into
>account. Work it out for youself...
>Value is created by investment. BBC is investing in the product in a big way
>(not necessarily efficiently) and making good use of established capital
>assets in the form of brand names and intellectual property rights.

Before you charge us for your consultancy Ray, I think you should make it
clear which bit of the BBC online empire you're hyping.

The BBC has invested nothing in www.beeb.com
ICL put up all the money

The BBC *has* invested heavily in www.bbc.co.uk
Desperately inefficiently (cost per pageview 20 times that of other UK
sites according to the Guardian)

I'd strongly disagree that the BBC as a whole is making good use of its
brands and IP by divying up brands apparently at random between the

www.bbc.co.uk and www.beeb.com

beeb.com is not allowed to cross-promote its sites via public service BBC
TV and Radio output, aside from the odd plug once or twice a month.

www.bbc.co.uk has no such restrictions

I agree that beeb.com is in a position to leverage world markets. That
said, all the global BBC brands (BBC News, World Service, Teletubbies even)
reside within www.bbc.co.uk.

Beeb.com will have problems raking in cash from outside these shores
blessed as it is with international brands such as TOTP, Top Gear and The
Radio Times.

beeb.com also just lost the battle to do BBC sport online - this test
series apart

>From the above, I'd say that www.beeb.com is in for a very sticky 1998/99 -
simply because its big public service brother is busy cutting its throat.

  Re: UKNM: Re: Portals?, Ray Taylor

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