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Subject: Re: UKNM: UK Ad Agencies
From: Tim Hayward
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 16:33:41 +0100

Well I'm at an ad agency and I'm happy to talk. I'm not sure I can
offer limitless money and loads of work, but I'm always happy to hear
from anyone with anything interesting to talk about.

Tragically, I get about 50 calls per week from morons who've done
absolutely no research into what we do. I waste an unconscionable
portion of my working life explaining to people that media agencies buy
media, creative agencies commission sites and there is fuck all point in
coming to me when you've just spent six months trying to sell direct to
my client and you've finally been given the brush off.

In about a year of this, approximately six people have had anything
relevant to say. They get regular free lunch and have a relationship
that means, when work comes up, they get it.

The thought of someone passing my name on to some poor guy whose just
trying to keep his call rate up fills me with mortal dread.

The reason I'm here is to avoid that.

Lunch awaits.


Robert Hamilton wrote:
> Jatinder wrote, somewhat unsurprisingly...
> > One question I'd like to know is, which agencies are seriously using new
> > media?.... not the ones till toying about, but the ones who pro-actively
> > plan and book campaigns for their clients. If there is such a list, I'd
> > like to know.
> Yes, I'll bet you would... ;-)
> While we're at it, if anyone can find similar lists which will do all of
> *my* grunt work too, please could they mail me details [ on or off list,
> I'm not greedy ]?
> Better still, if someone would like to set up meetings for me with people
> who are likely to require my services and happy to pay for them, then call
> me ASAP...
> Anyone dare to care and share?
> No, thought not, just testing ;-)
> R
> Robert Hamilton
> Creative Consultant, brandwidth
> V: 0171 697 0049
> M: 0973 989 208

"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately ascribed to

Tim Hayward
Digital Media Strategist
Kent House,
14-17 Market Place,
Great Titchfield Street,

  RE: UKNM: UK Ad Agencies, Robert Hamilton

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