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Subject: RE: UKNM: Can anyone suggest any good banner ad designers?
From: Elizabeth Van Couvering
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 15:23:55 +0100

I can recommend Traffic (http://www.traffic.co.uk) whom Excite have worked
with for some time. They also can suggest good non-banner campaigns --
consistently creative.


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Subject: UKNM: Can anyone suggest any good banner ad designers?

I have a wide range of Web ad campaigns current and pending that require
some serious banner design and would like to ask for help from members
of this list.

If anyone can recommend a design agency or individual, UK or otherwise,
that has produced some effective banner ad campaigns please let me know.

If anyone wants to offer their services, may I suggest you contact me
off list and please take a note of the following criteria:

1. We need experienced banner designers with substantial experience,
preferably with advertising agencies.

2. Must be able to work to brief, be adaptable, and understand and meet
client needs (we do not turn away clients on the grounds that they are
difficult to deal with).

Must be able to produce work to consistent campaign themes

Must be able to work to budget / price

Anyone offering their services should also note that NMC/Adplan is an
international agency that works with clients and suppliers from around
the world. We buy most Internet related services from the US because
customer service is high, standards are high, suppliers are experienced,
and prices are realistic. Any UK suppliers would be expected to meet the
same standards.

Ray Taylor

0181 639 0015

  UKNM: Can anyone suggest any good banner, Ray Taylor

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