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Subject: UKNM: Re: sticky portals - again - or
From: azeem azhar
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 12:46:45 +0100

Steve Bowbrick on Neoplanet.

>(or the list) what they think of it as a product and as a solution to the
>'portal problem' earns a pint of beer (or equivalent in your currency).
>It's a tiny download.

Neoplanet is slick. And it might well solve a "problem", if the
implementation is right.
If I were an ISP or a PC manufacturer I would certainly be attracted to it.
Let's swap out the Neoplanet logo for a nice winking Compaq one; what a great
way to build some loyalty.

I'd be worried if I was further down the browsing chain, like YHOO or XCIT, if
that happened.

In a world where 41% of people don't know the speed of their modems, the
default setting is going to be might handy. Start the world with Neoplanet and
you might never get to Yahoo!

I'd be interested if anyone has any data on how many new Internet users (come
online last 6 months or so) actually change their default page or upgrade
browser . . .


(and whil we're beating the stick portal meme, any feelings on Alexa as a
sticky portal? I'm just not so sure, it hasn't yet taken me anywhere I wanted
to go).

  UKNM: Alexa/Netscape's "What's Related",, Trevor May

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