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Subject: RE: UKNM: old chestnuts: upfront registration
From: Cait Hurley
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 16:08:18 +0100

The fact of the matter is that most people *are* registered on sites they
visit regularly, whether they know it or not.

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> Subject: Re: UKNM: old chestnuts: upfront registration
> I'd like to barrel in on this topic by saying that I do not
> trust 'stats' in
> the first place (see: lies, damn lies and statistics).
> That said, the great majority of Internet users are after
> anything they can
> get for free - they also like to feel anonymous whenever possible.
> It is highly unlikely they will register for a 'site unseen'
> (unless they
> had already read literature on it or it had been highly recommended by
> someone they knew).
> I know this may not be of much help if the party who 'needs
> convincing'
> wants to see something on paper, but if they are blind to
> basic human nature
> then perhaps they are beyond help.
> Tim Ireland
> Senior Copywriter
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