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From: John Braithwaite
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 15:38:17 +0100


That's perhaps why I used the word 'most' rather than 'all'.

Is it the weather or is it in the genes? Why has everyone got
ever-so-picky and are actually not discussing anything interesting at
all (myself included)?


P.S. For those that can - enjoy the bank holiday. For those that have to
moan - I'm sorry you have to fit four days' work into five days next

Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 18:05:17 +0100
From: Mike Butcher <mikebatcentaur [dot] co [dot] uk>

Funny - I've seen billboards for QXL in Essex. Perhaps they're looking
investment from Ford Sierra drivers....

Better to impress investors with big fat user figures, no?

>Perhaps they're looking for a quick IPO (although, if they have VC
>behind them then this may not be necessary!) - reminds me of QXL's
>campaign, I know I am cynical but I got the feeling that they weren't
>necessarily trying to impress or capture buyers, but were aimed at
>impressing potential investors. They'll need to impress them, they're
>way over-valued.
>Why else would you focus most of your marketing spend on billboards and
>tubes in the Central London / City area?

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