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Subject: UKNM: Dreamcast delayed
From: Richard Longhurst
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 15:58:48 +0100

A flash from CTW - computer and videogames trade magazine -

Does anyone on UKNM know of anyone who's actually logged on to the Net in
the UK using a Dreamcast? What's it like?


CTW NewsFlash

Sega has delayed the European launch of its Dreamcast console by three

The 128-bit console, which was originally due to be launched in the UK and
across Europe on September 23rd, will now hit retail on October 14th. CTW
understands that the delay is due to a number of critical factors involving
the machine's online capabilities.

Sega recently put back the launch of Dreamcast in Australia, although the US
launch is understood to be going ahead on September 9th as planned.

Commenting on the decision, J-F Cecillon, chief executive officer of Sega
Europe said, "Dreamcast involves the most advanced technology ever
incorporated into a games console. Our free Internet access is an industry
first and BT has been key in its creation across Europe."

A full report will appear in the next issue of CTW.

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