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Subject: RE: UKNM: XML
From: David Burrows
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 09:42:26 +0100


Having just done a major XML refit of our website I would point you at our
www.specialmoves.com but i'm afraid you wouldn't see much. Most of the XML
work is backend stuff, all the content is in XML but this is just used as a
base format. The XML is then transformed using XSLT into HTML (or anything
else we need - WML,CDF,SVG etc.etc) and this is what the user sees.
Everything is updateable through admin screens, which feed into the XML,
these updates can then be previewed from the XML files and, if OK,compiled
into HTML. This provides a simple way of staging content on the live server.

Have a look at www.xml.com (the official mothership) or
http://www.xml-zone.com/ for some overviews and FAQ's.



David Burrows

specialmoves 70-74 City Road

tel : 0207 251 2501
fax : 0207 251 2133
web & wap : www.specialmoves.com

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> Subject: UKNM: XML
> I have heard that XML is the way forward in terms of web design and
> development. Please could someone explain what it is all
> about - definition,
> benefits etc. and perhaps highlight some examples of web
> sites that have
> incorporated XML.
> Thx,
> Simon

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