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Subject: UKNM: Re: XML
From: Gregg Caines
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 01:32:02 +0100

On the web it is invaluable as a method of separating content from
layout/markup. The XML contains the content, and XSL or CSS
tell the web browser how to present it. So if the XML is something

<first name>Joey</first name>
<last name>Ramone</last name>

...then the XSL or CSS can have details on how to show a name, or
more specifically a first name. In that way, the same XSL/CSS markup
sheet can be used for many XML documents (many different names in
this case), and if you want to change the layout of the page, you need
not tinker with the same document that contains the content.

This is a nice shift from the HTML paradigm where content and
presentation are all mixed up. I don't think anyone is seriously using it
on the browser-side (since only newer browsers support it), but there
is quite a bit of it in use on the server-side, where pages can be put
together each time they are requested.

Gregg Caines
n e o m e t r i x systems inc.
gcainesatneometrixsystems [dot] com

> I have heard that XML is the way forward in terms of web design and
> development. Please could someone explain what it is all about -
> benefits etc. and perhaps highlight some examples of web sites that have
> incorporated XML.
> Thx,
> Simon

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  UKNM: XML, Simon Firth

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