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Subject: Re: UKNM: Industry Bodies...
From: Tom
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 01:31:58 +0100

>I am all for measures that get rid of some of the cowboys in this industry
>paying out hundreds and thousands of pounds to join all three of these

There seems to be many and frequent references to "cowboys" on this list,
but what exactly is meant by this? Is it the huge monoliths who waste
clients' money with endless meetings and process documents, meaningless work
plans and badly implemented (if implementable at all) design? Or possibly
the poseurs, who will postulate about the flash milage they are producing
whilst zooming around on their little metal scooters quoting Barthes and
Beach Boys lyrics whilst being shamefully exploited by some twat that still
tries to go to clubs in spite of being 50 years old? Or the agencies that
are "moving into new/multi/internet media" from advertising/print/graphic
design/knitting/vole skinning, and are staggering in their niaivity and
destructive in their example? Or the Internet Start-ups, selling the next
useless piece of w*nk on the grounds that one day, after that paradigm shift
that will inevitably result from this particular w*nk, it will be needed
like fathers' dogs? Or the multinationals, delivering broken technologies to
the unsuspecting for the ill-informed? Or even the regulatory/industry
bodies, staffed by jerks bankrupted by Ye Olde CD-ROM Mutlimedia Revolution
who managed to scrape some miserable award for Best Rubbish Thing No-One
Wants that gives them the self-importance to "SPEAK FOR THE INDUSTRY!!!" and
who probably think that the RIP bill is a really good idea and will give
recommendations to the Government on the importance of Version 2 browsers?

Or is it the case that if you shout the warning about the cowboy, you cannot
therefore be one yourself?

Tom Dussek

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