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Subject: Re: UKNM: quick question Hosting pacakges
From: Speechrad
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 16:22:24 +0100

True, Webfusion are nice people but the important things in all host
selection are 'bandwidth' (What connection do they have?) and Traffic (how
much are you allowed to shift?) Regretably host Co's (and I do not point a
finger at Webfusion) will intermix the two terms saying you get 5Gig
bandwidth (which would be a pretty spectacular connection) when what they
mean is you can move 5 Gig of data per month. Someone is going to come a
cropper here one day when a customer thinks they are getting 5Gig per second
when what they are actually getting is 5 Gig per month.

For beginners: Bandwidth can be thought of as the connection speed e.g. 1 Mb
of data per second. Traffic is the amount of data you can supply per month
without incurring penalties. Host companies impose Traffic limits (which
sometimes call bandwidth) to preserve their bandwidth.

All small hosting packages share the hosts bandwidth connection, you have to
pay more to reserve bandwidth.

So if a small host company has a 20Mb/sec connection and hosts 100 companies
they will all be sharing that 20Mb. If one site has loads of visitors, the
others suffer. If small companies allow reselling more and more people will
be sharing.

Simple huh?

The point is, be very careful who you choose as a host company. If you are
just setting up a demo site that has few graphics and no Flash or video then
you can go for the cheaper shared end, but if you want a busy e-commerce
you will have to pay more and ask lots of questions about what you get for
your money.

I won't recommend any as I don't want anymore people sharing the bandwidth
our demo servers, and you probably wouldn't want to share with our streaming
audio anyway - ;)
Speechradio.com Ltd

In a message dated 24/08/00 09:28:32 GMT Daylight Time,
Leslie [dot] Bunderatentranet [dot] co [dot] uk writes:

<< the very nice Webfusion at www.webfusion.co.uk starts from 9.95 a month
a 100meg account with loads of features including php3 and asp... reseller

Leslie Bunder, Content Partner Manager

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From: Kevin Doherty [droneboyathotmail [dot] com (mailto:droneboyathotmail [dot] com)]

hi guys,

can anyone recommend somewhere to point my browser to that lists/rates UK
isp and web-hosting services?

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