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Subject: UKNM: Search Engine Stuff
From: Danny Sullivan
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 02:08:35 +0100

I've been in a cave while people have kindly pointed to my site over the
past week -- thanks! Some other answers to recent search engine questions
that may be useful:

> About 18 months ago I heard about Yahoo! launching an express
> submissions service in the States. I've hunted high and low
> on yahoo.com but I can find no mention. Anyone know if it's
> still available?

Yes, as has been noted previously -- but also good news, it's finally been
made available to those of us based out of the UK. Previously, only US-based
businesses could use it.

Submit to any category at Yahoo.com or Yahoo.co.uk (oops, uk.yahoo.com --
poor co.uk gets no respect, anymore). Push the Proceed To Step One button
that comes up, then choose the Business Express Submission button. Enter
your info, pay your US $199, and you'll get a yes/no answer within 7 days
(almost all decent sites get in). More help on the programme here:


Have no money??? There's a special UK address for submission support -- if
you submitted, submitted and given up home, try dropping an email as
described here:


(but honestly, pay the $199 and save your time)

> Has anybody seen stats that rank search engines
> by uk useage?

Media Metrix Europe has good stats for top overall sites in the UK, and you
can usually spot the search engines among them -- eventually, I really will
get a page up within my site that summarizes these. Maybe even this month.
Meanwhile, Media Metrix Europe is at:


> I have also recently seen some UK research suggesting that the uk
> does use search engine to find sites over other options (ads,
> referrals, etc)

Yes, good UK stats summarized here:

> Any one else know of any good sources of user data for
> Search Engines??

Some of the sources listed on this compilation of search engine stats might
be helpful:



Danny Sullivan
Editor, SearchEngineWatch.com

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