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Subject: UKNM: Streamed 'bet you will' shows
From: The VideoBistro
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 02:08:40 +0100

Leslie Bunder wrote:-

great site at http://www.ibetyouwill.com based in New York, they go out in
the street and pay money to do stupid things which is filmed for the site,
like paying a guy $50 to eat a whole bottle of Salsa or munch on a whole jar
of pickles. very cool, and a very good example of putting something on the
Web which is fun to watch...

You can also try http://www.z.com and watch "dare for dollars" which is much
the same thing.

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  Re: UKNM: Streamed 'bet you will' shows, Jo Chipchase

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