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Subject: RE: UKNM: Lots of promotional quotes needed
From: Ian Williams
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 11:17:58 +0100

Hi Nikki

Some approx costs for you based on lots of launches, for online and
offline business (as if there is a difference!)

1. Launch parties - anything from 5,000 for a few beers in a bar to -
well the sky is the limit. We did a party for 100 journos/clients etc
at Theatro with lots of themeing etc for 20,000 but you could spend
three times that.

2. & 3. No idea!

4. Can be surprisingly cheap. A client of ours recently produced an ad
for 20,000 and has run it quite extensively on ITV2 and other
cable/satellite channels for less than 50,000. Another ran an ad
cheaply on terrestrial but just in one TV area. These ads were aimed at
generating response/traffic and not building brands!

5. No idea

6. We launched a site with Dale Winton for 13,000! We also used a
model for the same shoot who cost 250. Last I heard even Carole Smilie
will set you back 20,000. The real trick here is to find people who
are "on the cusp" of being really famous and therefore still quite
cheap. Always talk to friendly newspaper snappers who will give you a
good steer on who is hot and who is not. Clearly you need to think
carefully about your brand image - (sadly) scantily clad women are still
the most like to get into newspapers - but may not be acceptable for the
brand (or politically).

7. Don't worry about having a press conference, they aren't going to
come anyway. Conferences date back to a time when the best way of
communicating was a lot of people fast was to get them all in a room
together. These days you can just phone them up. If you want to see a
journalist face to face, try and arrange to see them one to one -
perhaps even at their offices. Remember you should aim to give each
journalist their own story.

Hope this helps

Ian Williams
Lansons Communications

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Subject: UKNM: Lots of promotional quotes needed


I am in the middle of project managing a huge new site and need quotes
details for the following in terms of marketing.

Please feel free to call myself or Chris Gibson with details of your
products, on 01327 871093, or email me details, or fax on 01327 871907.

1) Launch parties
2) Cinema advertising
3) Washroom advertising
4) Cheapish TV advertising
5) Radio advertising
6) celebrity launches
7) press conferences


Umm, and before any real info can cross over i'll need NDA's signing


Nikki Pilkington
Severina Publications Limited
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