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Subject: Re: UKNM: Lots of promotional quotes needed
From: Speechrad
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 11:38:38 +0100

In a message dated 25/08/00 01:53:38 GMT Daylight Time,
infoatseverinapublications [dot] co [dot] uk writes:

I am in the middle of project managing a huge new site and need quotes and
details for the following in terms of marketing.

Please feel free to call myself or Chris Gibson with details of your
products, on 01327 871093, or email me details, or fax on 01327 871907.

5) Radio advertising >>
We can odder you a good deal on Internet Radio advertising to the UK
university market. We have created Internet Student Radio for
studentmagazine.com, shortly to be part of anythingstiudent.com at its
in September. We provide 5 weekly shows with opportunities for advertising
within the programmes and if required an active link within the Real Audio
windows linked with the commercial to take the listener's browser to your
site if they click in the window - no URL to remember.
As the listener can pick up the audio feed from the site and then surf on,
the 'advert' travels with them in the radio programme. Each show will get
aroiund 30,000 listeners
Call me to discuss, VERY good rates for the start of student terms.

Michael Trott
Operations Director
Speechradio.com Ltd. - The Internet's Leading Audio Content Provider
Tel 01386 792617

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the aggregation and distribution of digital content over the
Internet, is now operating in the United Kingdom.
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