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Subject: RE: UKNM: Banner Ads
From: Severina Publications
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 10:30:18 GMT


Those are impressive stats - but both to me seem very targeted, and I
believe the orignal question was about untargeted run of site type
advertising? (forgive me if i'm wrong)

We handle the banner sales for the UK Banners network (www.ukbanners.com)
which is mainly run of network advertising - here are clickthru figures I
have for campaigns that have been running more than a month and are showing
more than 1,000 banners per day (you'd be suprised the amount of customers
that have 100 banners a day for the next 200 days!!!)

mobile phone site - 0.69%
recruitment - 0.26%
web design - 0.13%
dvds - 0.39%
charity xmas cards - 4.44%
ecards - 0.26%
domain names - 0.78%
domain names - 1.13%
knitwear - 0.18%
free ads - 0.36%
web design - 0.26%
singing lessons - 0.25%
fitness - 1.42%
finance - 0.21%
gifts - 0.35%
dvds - 1.09%
recruitment - 0.19%
affiliates - 0.55%
mobile phones - 0.04%
web design - 0.38%
airline - 1.27%
domain names - 0.16%
airline - 1.19%
gadgets - 0.17%
property - 0.35%
dating - 0.27%

Why does one domain name company on run of site get 0.78%, one 1.13% and one
0.16% ?

The banner design.

The two lower clickthru companies have banners that are made from some
freebie template designer - the higher clickthru is my company and has an
'ok' banner.

But the main thing on run of site advertising is how many sales does it
provide? Clickthru is all very well and I could probably get 6% clickthru
tomorrow on run of site advertising with a system error type banner, but
does it produce the sales?

The gadget company above has only 0.17% clickthru - yet he says he has a 1
in 3 visitor conversion from those clicks, and he's selling gadgets at maybe
100 + so he's laughing with 3CPM advertising!

I recommend cheap run of site to anyone - when you can get 100,000 banners
for 300 it's great for brand awareness.

As for clickthru? Well, i'd go for targeted banner advertising every time,
and luckily, on UK Banners we can also target banners (eg to computer and
internet related sites) and the account we have there gets 4.8% clickthru
and generates a 50% conversion.

This is just an example, based on the large number of stats we have as we
are the brokers for UKB, i'd be interested in other peoples stats on more
expensive networks (eg yahoo, etc)


Nikki Pilkington
Severina Publications Limited
Because Internet Marketing Is More Than Just Great Design
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E: nikkiatseverina [dot] co [dot] uk
W: http://www.severina.co.uk
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Subject: RE: UKNM: Banner Ads

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> From: Lucy Cokes (*\*) [lucyatneutralize [dot] com (mailto:lucyatneutralize [dot] com)]

> I think you should mainly think of banner ads as being brand awareness
> building only, as click through rates are normally very low, you would
> certainly never expect any click through rate, let alone a
> high one for a
> run of network campaign, unless you had some extra-ordinary
> creative or a
> promise of cash funds for doing so! Also most results from
> people visiting
> a site as a result of seeing the banner are not that traceable as many
> people may visit a site as a result of seeing a banner at a
> later date, but
> may not necessarily click on the banner.
> The highest click rates we've managed are 7% (very high) but
> that was highly
> targeted and that is really the key if you want to a high response.

Lucy, I don't see how you can say that banners should just be awareness only
given we've had cases of over 20% click-through. At the end of the day, it
simply depends on the overall objective, and then how you achieve that in
your planning and execution. For fear of repeating myself from a previous
thread in this group - here's something I sent last week about click-through
vs awareness

Awareness vs Clickthrough

1. Awareness

We set up Butterkist's sponsorship of www.popcorn.co.uk and none of the
buttons, sponsor slots or banners that appear throughout the entire site,
link away from the site - infact, butterkist dont even have their own web
site - yet, here is a quote from their brand manager

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