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Subject: Re: Re : UKNM: Ranty philosophy
From: Manou Marzban
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 09:13:21 GMT

One thing to keep in mind, the introduction of the X Box, Dolphin, PS2 and
whatever else that shows up that can make your TV of the future surf the
'net, is not necessarily a replacement for the PC. The PC will still have
its function and place as an access point to the 'net, and as Lois said, it
is a more one-2-one experience than the family/group-oriented TV and sofa
experience. Hence, for those private moments (wink wink), most surfers will
still run off to the PC. Basically, people will use both PCs and TVs to
surf...it depends WHAT they are surfing for...to determine if they use a
mouse or a remote. Simple stuff really.

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