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Subject: UKNM: RE: WAP is CWAP?
From: John Braithwaite
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 09:28:28 GMT

Also, forgive me for being pedantic but WAP is an access protocol -
WML is the markup language. It will be possible to deliver far more
superior interactive experiences over WAP technology using additions
or extensions to the WML language, J2ME content etc etc. HTTP 1.0 is
actually a pretty shite protocol for delivering web content but it's
done the job for over 10 years. HTTP 1.1 is a vast improvement - but
does anyone use it?

James Closs / t 020 7460 4078 / When the horse


Don't be too hard on the feller.... after all, initially I was mistaken... I
followed the path of Eastern Consciousness. I visited the great temple of
DoCoMo and meditated on their product range. The colours, the speed, the
style - all my Western Consumer Ideals said: 'yes, this is the baby!' I had
been converted to i-Mode.

Yet, in England I was unfulfilled. People said - WAP and I said 'CWAP'. I
longed for the East. I looked to it for salvation, and yet I had missed the
point. At the beginning of this year I was told, that WAP is a protocol and
not a product - the scales fell from my eyes. For there will come a WAP
product and it will bring a gospel of Interactivity, Entertainment and
Usability. I have a dream....

However, when it will come is anyone's guess. After realising this, I also
realised that only the very big, mobile-specific or stupid company would
spend a lot of effort, resources, time and money on a WAP site at the moment
(although some WAP conversions are easy to do, so for those people, I
commend you for your initiative!). I think I'll wait until people are saying
'yes' rather that 'ugh' and 'wow' rather than 'eh?' to WAP... roll on

John B

P.S. Talking of punctuation, I've noticed a lot of people putting strings of
puctuation together for no apparent reason ;-) This disease seems to be
spiralling out of control {:[email protected] and there doesn't seem to be a cure $-<

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