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Subject: UKNM: RE: UKNM Banner Ads
From: Richard Martin
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 09:43:38 GMT

Hi chaps,

In my humble opinion, Russell certainly has a point when he says banners can
be used to achieve most objectives. The point is that you must nail that
objective down before you go ahead and plan your campaign. In the meantime,
here are a few points to keep the ball rolling:

- Online advertising remains the cheapest accountable method of reaching a
large audience.

- The average response rate for a DM campaign is 1% and no one is talking
about abandoning that despite the (comparatively) high costs and the
public's distaste for mailing lists and junk mail.

- Clickthrough rates are yesterdays news; Post click tracking and post
impression tracking will give you a far better idea of the effectiveness of
your campaign and also allow you to help your client improve their site.

- GIF banners are also today's chip wrappers. While not every user has the
necessary plug ins for rich media (these punters can be served GIF
alternatives) new shapes, sizes and forms of execution deliver the cut
through to get you and your clients better results. I'm not talking about
Novelty Island here, by the way. Don't go for the gimmick just because
you've not seen it before unless it is clearly relevant, will add value and
doesn't promise things the destination site won't be able to deliver.

And now a short rant: The key point and one that seems to be happily
neglected by a great deal of marketers, is that banners require a lot of
thought. It's too easy to bang out fifteen words of copy, stick it on some
garish colours and cross one's fingers; even the most simple execution
should be so only if it's the best or most cost effective way of getting
your client's message across and maintaining their brand values. Online
campaigns should be the result of consideration over time. Online
advertising should not be an afterthought.

Yours, with Seasons greetings


> I think you should mainly think of banner ads as being brand awareness
> building only, as click through rates are normally very low, you would
> certainly never expect any click through rate, let alone a
> high one for a
> run of network campaign, unless you had some extra-ordinary
> creative or a
> promise of cash funds for doing so! Also most results from
> people visiting
> a site as a result of seeing the banner are not that traceable as many
> people may visit a site as a result of seeing a banner at a
> later date, but
> may not necessarily click on the banner.

> The highest click rates we've managed are 7% (very high) but
> that was highly
> targeted and that is really the key if you want to a high response.

Lucy, I don't see how you can say that banners should just be awareness only
given we've had cases of over 20% click-through. At the end of the day, it
simply depends on the overall objective, and then how you achieve that in
your planning and execution. For fear of repeating myself from a previous
thread in this group - here's something I sent last week about click-through
vs awareness

Message cut due to tiresome case studies

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