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Subject: RE: UKNM: Design, Design, Design and spilling
From: Marshall, Jeff
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 09:48:32 GMT

Ashley Pomeroy wrote, regarding Jakob Nielsen:

"From our perspective, design exists to attract the attention
of the customer - from his perspective, design exists to assist the
transmittal of information."

An excellent, astute and concise statement on this debate. There are always
at least two sides. Several of the contributors have demonstrated a kind of
autistic blindness in arguing their own side so strongly. If I can borrow
Ashley's own signature line,

"In the land of the autistically blind, the man who can see through his
protagonist's eye is King".

To pull in another thread, note the correct use of an apostrophe, which
makes the eye belong to the protagonist, not to the man who is the subject
of the sentence, who without the apostrophe might be thought to have a
protagonist like eye all to himself, if you see what I mean (if you look at
it through my eyes, you will know exactly what I mean, but then you won't be
able to do that if you suffer from the kind of autism that I'm referring

I'll stop before this gets even more pedantic and circular, but reiterate,
Ashley is right and bright and the apostrophe makes a difference.

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