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Subject: UKNM: AbbeyNational.com
From: Tomski
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 15:53:41 GMT

if anyone one on this list knows the people responsible for the
aberation that is www.abbeynational.com , then please please please
can you tell them to DO SOME FRIGGING USER TESTING

the designers of their website and e-banking facility should be made
to spend a week manning the website helpline number... or be made to
sit, gagged, watching whilst 100 punters off the street try to use
their ultra-confusing, deeply non-functioning,
multiple-window-spawning, sloth-like ,
all-non-cached-gifs-all-the-time-through-128-bit-SSL balls up of a
user interface.

how can they get it so wrong when someone like Lloyds can do a more
than half-decent job? (apart from not being 24//7)

i'd listened to my girlfriend screaming at the Abbey's site before,
but only today did I have to endeavour to use it - and it wouldn't
even let me apply for a so-called eSaver account... it just hung on
me half way through cos some ill-supervised Javascript monkey
couldn't be bothered to test his/her code on a Mac.


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