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Subject: Re: UKNM: RE: Convergence?
From: Richard Bailey
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 12:34:55 GMT

I have been spending a lot of time working with on line games and I think
the idea of the hard drive is there for game bug fixes and dynamic server
side multi player games. Where all you have is a map and the basic graphics
and interface all the game play is done server side. This is much the same
way Asheron's Call works at the moment. It would surprise you how small the
graphics on a game can be. You log on to the net pick the game you want to
play and as you do the levels/place/monsters you upload them. No need for
shops, media and you can charge to play, not to own. Thus Microsoft have a
real control on the media and needing an account means less room for the
pirates. There are several games like this on the zone.com already you can
just go off and play.

Also its nice to have something with a future in flash upgrades. How will
all the iTV stuff deal with new developments with read only browser that
built in?

Richard Bailey
Nortel can you make it just like the "old" one.

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Subject: UKNM: RE: Convergence?

> Manou Wrote:
> One thing to keep in mind, the introduction of the X Box, Dolphin, PS2 and
> whatever else that shows up that can make your TV of the future surf the
> 'net, is not necessarily a replacement for the PC. The PC will still have
> its function and place as an access point to the 'net, and as Lois said,
> is a more one-2-one experience than the family/group-oriented TV and sofa
> experience. Hence, for those private moments (wink wink), most surfers
> still run off to the PC. Basically, people will use both PCs and TVs to
> surf...it depends WHAT they are surfing for...to determine if they use a
> mouse or a remote. Simple stuff really.
> JB Writes:
> Actually, I think it's more interesting to look at the tech-specs of the
> different machines with regard to future developments. I think it
> demonstrates that there still seems to be divided schools of the way
> forward. X-Box and PS2 are definitely 'convergent' machines - where one
> will do plenty of tricks. Whereas Dolphin.... now Gamecube is a games-only
> device (which may play mini-DVD movies in the future).
> X-Box is Microsofts entry into the home market... I don't think that it
> replace everything that PCs can do (especially the Business operations)
> it has the abilities to do most of the other functions. I mean, most home
> users only use PCs for Word, Email and Internet (and, perhaps Excel for
> household bills!!). The X-Box is targeted at the home user and, with
> Bluetooth or equivalent, will be a box of many tricks. The advantage for
> Microsoft is that this product can afford to be loss making or just
> even and then they can make their money on ..... er.... software?! Now
> there's a surprise!
> I think the X-Box is more than just a TV experience device - you have to
> yourself why it has a large hard drive if it's only going to be playing
> games and DVDs.... to be able to save game progress? I don't buy that.

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