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Subject: RE: UKNM: Domain Name v Brand Awareness
From: Severina Publications
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 14:01:52 GMT

there's a 'domain name evaluator' somewhere on www.shoutloud.com where you
can answer some questions and it will give you an approximation of how much
the domain may be worth.


Nikki Pilkington
20,000 banner impressions for only �60?
On UK sites only?
Targeted and timed?
Oh Yes! http://www.severina.co.uk/bannerorder.htm

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Subject: UKNM: Domain Name v Brand Awareness

A strange one for you,

One of our clients has approached our sister company AfterDomains.com asking
us to sell one of his domains,
the domain name in question is Xtreme.co.uk

What I am trying to figure out is:

1, The value of this domain in terms of ���
2, Who or what the name could be used for.

I have tried doing some research into the sale of domains, however all the
high-priced ones seem to be .Com or .NET
Any feedback or comments would be appreciated.

Shakil Khan
shakatsmsboy [dot] com

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  UKNM: Domain Name v Brand Awareness, Shakil Khan

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