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Subject: UKNM: The reason the Revolution is on 'Hold' (Was 'Ranty philosophy')
From: tim.hayward
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 13:33:07 GMT

The reason that this Revolution is taking a while to kick off is that we're
still arsing about having little arguments on the Palace steps.

It's always been the best way of killing a Revolution... foment unrest and
internal struggle between revolutionaries.

Which, I guess, is why pointless extended debates about 'Lean Forward and
Back' modes of consumption/interaction, information versus entertainment and
death/future of the banner ad just bore me titless.

If you don't think this stuff is an utter waste of time try posting a
headed 'Flash - Good or Bad?' with nothing in the body. You'll start a
that will last eight weeks and be virtually identical to the last eight
this year that the debate has flared up again. And it all leads nowhere.

I get this from clients too... 'Which Interactive platform should I be on?'
I fucking care! Get with the bloody programme here. Unless you have shares
Open, NTL or Sky it's not a problem you need to worry about.

Why don't we do what truly Revolutionary thinkers have always done and start
with the big picture.

What are the big trends?

Increased interactivity (irrespective of platform)

Cheaper bandwidth

Customer empowernment tending towards total

Decreasing margins for all

Tech gets cheaper and easier to use

If you can think of something you want to do, someone will develop software
do it

...then someone else will make it cheaper

Decrease in centralised government power - unwillingness to legislate

Intellectual property right tend toward unsustainable

And about a dozen others you could think up while taking a dump.

It's not difficult is it?

Start from that point and try to have a lean forward/lean
back/information/entertainment debate.

It's going to be cheap, interactive, easy to use, in the corner of
room or desk and is probably going to be funded at a loss by big old players
desperately trying to stave off their own death as they chuck the last of
old money at the dissolving chimera of Old School Global Capitalism.

We don't make tellies. We don't own satellites.The good news is that many of
those who do are going to perish miserably and looking at the candidates, I
don't care who goes first . It Doesn't Fucking Matter!!!!

C'mon......Let's talk about grown up stuff


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