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Subject: re: UKNM: Viral Marketing raises its ulgy head (again)
From: Chris Thomas
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 20:07:25 GMT

On 20 Dec 2000, at 10:50, pete bresser wrote:

> Well I had a go. Actually, I did it twice. It works well and loads quite
> fast, but its viralability level* on a scale of 1 - 10 has to be 1.

Point taken, but as I've just emailed to someone off list:
I'd argue that people have seen things like that before (I have), and
are wise to it. One of our aims for Challenge Dan is to get new list
subscribers, but not at the expense of awareness. I think that by
virtue of the referral being totally voluntary, people have more
respect for us (because we aren't forcing them to do anything), and
are more willing to actually forward it to their friends and play the
game for the game's sake.

Unless you think I've missed something...

> You'd need to be a something more than a total geek to forward it

...oh right. Well, I suppose that a 'computer' quiz is quite geeky,
but that's pretty much our target market (not that all our customers
are geeks, mind!).

Can you tell me why you thought you could NOT forward it to anyone
(aside from the obvious, 'someone else is trying to get at my contact
list')? Were the prizes not attractive enough? Was the filesize too
big? Was it not funny enough? Too silly? Too difficult?
Too much 'aimed-at-a-perceived-socially-inept-group-of-people-who-I-

What else do you think I could have done to make it more forwardable?
I can think of one human-nature that I didn't try to exploit - Dan's
not very sexy, is he? :)

The uptake is slow, but a good proportion of people are definitely
hooked. A few people have passed it round their companies for
colleagues to play, though not as much as I thought would happen.

Hi ho learning process!


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  re: UKNM: Viral Marketing raises its ulg, pete bresser

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