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Subject: UKNM: affiliate programmes
From: Ian Tester
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 20:17:16 GMT

Andreas wrote:

leading one is the one with the largest amount of top clients and the
largest amount of top end affiliates."

However, before you even start thinking about that, I'd get someone to have
a serious look at the technology that is being used to provide reporting.
Some providers have *terrible* technology setups, with the net effect that
if their servers fall over, it breaks your purchase path. Needless to say,
they don't provide an SLA which protects you against this. I won't name the
guilty ones, but be aware.

BTW - any good etail experiences recently?

I am brimming with joy (again) at blackstar, who have just managed to track
me down a deleted video which i've spent 12 months looking for fruitlessly.
Etoys has saved my life trying to get presents to my godson in the murky
midlands (with a pretty easy shopping experience), and this morning i got an
email from streetsonline letting me know that they'd managed to escape
dotcom meltdown by virtue of being taken over by kingfisher and sky. great
to see 2 home-growns flourishing for all the right reasons. . . .shame
about etoys, which looks like it simply isn't going to get the xmas traffic
to save it (is this what happens when pure-plays that rely too much on the
wrong kind of advertising cut back on advertising???)

Merry xmas all - thanks for all the top tips / rants / fun over the year!


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