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Subject: Re: UKNM: syndication
From: Ben Rooney
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 13:28:33 GMT

Talk to Mike Hoole at iSyndicate (mikehatisyndicate [dot] com) and Michael Troxler
at ScreamingMedia (michaeltatscreamingmedia [dot] com). Two different models, two
different pricing structures. No reason not to talk to both. No reason not
to go with both.
Brief answers to your questions
1. Depends on a lot of factors (how often is it updated, how long is the
animation etc). Prices range from US$200- US$1200 and more.
2. No real limit - look at AP, they do alright. Realistically you would be
lucky to sell it more than half a dozen times
3. Slow. Although Germany is looking up
4. I used to work for iSyndicate, so I am not an impartial witness


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>>> "Beren Money" <berenatimpossible [dot] co [dot] uk> 12/20 11:38 am >>>
I don't suppose any wise soul out there would be able to help me out with a
bit of info on syndication?

1) How much people are willing to pay per month for non-exclusive use of
original content (I'm talking animation here, boys & girls)?
2) Practically, how many times can you sell a piece of content?
3) What are the foreign language markets like?
4) If anyone's had any practical experience of agencies such as i-syndicate
or screaming media, what was their service was like?

Thanking. Any responses along the lines of "content's dead man, don't
bother" or "give up the internet, let's publish books" are unnecessary as
I've heard it all before.


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