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Subject: UKNM: SMS Location based Sales
From: Rebecca Rabin
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 13:43:33 GMT

The ZagMe trial at Lakeside Thurrock was done by SpotFlash (backed by
Carphone Warehouse). However, it wasn't a location based service as
shoppers had to subscribe to ZagMe by SMS when they were in the centre and
then tell them how many hours they were planning to be in the centre for -
hardly location based. You are right that real location based services are
not yet possible and are likely to be impacted by the Data Protection Act.

You can get more info on wireless marketing from the Wireless Marketing
Association, whose members include SpotFlash and also Flytxt, who did an SMS
campaign at the recent Smash Hits concerts.



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Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 10:58:07 -0000
From: Tim Moore <Tim [dot] Mooreatstartle [dot] com>
Subject: UKNM: SMS Location based Sales

I remember seeing, on the news, I think, an article about a company which
was using SMS to sell products to folk in a shopping centre. I think what
they were doing was sending promotions etc to individuals, from the shops in
the centre, based on the phone owners' location????? Didn't think this was
feasible yet, but any way, can't remember the name of the service. Can
anyone throw any light on this mystery?

Thanks and Happy Chrimbo to ya'll


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