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Subject: UKNM: On a Christmas mission
From: pete bresser
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 16:23:07 GMT

Completely off the general subject matter for this list, but I am looking
for help for a scheme that helps children of Romania.

Network Gloria is not after your money or your time for projects, just your
old Christmas cards, (you can even wait until 12th night before sending them
on) so they may be used by Romanian children with special needs to make gift
boxes. They then sell them on to help support themselves.

This is part of Network Gloria's parents for parents campaign, taking help
directly to the people that need it in Romania, rather than through agencies
acting on behalf of organised charities. Your Christmas cards will leave on
a lorry in February along with toys, clothes and donated computers, plus
other items that help these children - many with physical as well as mental
handicaps - to lead as near normal life as possible.

Once you're bored with looking at your corporate Christmas cards, please
send the largest ones (small ones don't make very large gift boxes, so use
your own discretion) to Network Gloria, 40 Linwood Ave, Strood, Rochester,
Kent ME2 3TR.

Just one last thing: Please do NOT forward this on to friends/colleagues. I
really don't want this to turn into some viral message and end up deluged
with Christmas cards! I hope that doesn't sound ungrateful, but you know how
these things can get out of hand.

If you would like more details of Network Gloria, plase contact me off list
on pbresseratfreeuk [dot] com and I'll sort out some material for you on what
Network Gloria stands for and needs for its work.

Thank you to anyone that can help and my very best wishes to everybody on
this list for Christmas!


Pete Bresser,
Visionet New Media Marketing Ltd.
See us on the web - http://www.visionet.co.uk
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