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Subject: No Subject
From: RHS Linux User
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 02:20:51 GMT

Hiya Gang,
Sender: owneratchinwag [dot] com
Precedence: bulk
Reply-To: uk-netmarketingatchinwag [dot] com

OK, this is partly to test out the lists' functionality and also to let you
know about some of the fab new features. If you've used other Majordomo
lists, then it'll be no great shakes for you, but this might serve as a
useful reminder.

The list addresses will remain the same (although list-manageratchinwag [dot] com
won't be fully online for the next couple of days as the various other
lists are configured). The addresses are:

List Address: uk-netmarketingatchinwag [dot] com
Subscription Address: majordomoatchinwag [dot] com
Owner's Address: owneratchinwag [dot] com


send the following in the body of an email to: majordomoatchinwag [dot] com

unsubscribe uk-netmarketing youratemail [dot] address

N.B. Replace youratemail [dot] address with the address you used to subscribe to
the list. If you have any difficulties, then drop me a line at:
owneratchinwag [dot] com

If (and it's a big IF), I've set everything up right, you should be able to
get a list of files associated with the mailing list i.e. the digests by
sending the following command to majordomoatchinwag [dot] com

index uk-netmarketing

To get a full list of commands, send the following in the body of an email
to majordomoatchinwag [dot] com


OK, That's all folks. It's long past my bedtime. I look forward to hearing
the happy chatter of marketers everywhere...

Toodle Pip

Webmedia Group, 21 Noel St, London, W1V 3RD
T: 0171 494 0812 F: 0171 434 1304 E: samatwebmedia [dot] com
ICQ Pager: 4561042
Webmedia: http://www.webmedia.com
ShockeR: http://www.shocker.com

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